Scenes from a 20 mile run in Wyoming

Today’s run was perfect in so many ways. It was entirely the confidence builder that I needed for this training cycle.

It never gets easier breathing at this altitude.

1. My first thank you goes to this man for his support. It’s not easy spending 20 miles on a bike going at snail’s pace for 3 hours. But, he wore the Garmin (so that I wouldn’t be a slave to the numbers), listened to my musings about life, and even got a history lesson of the area. In the meantime, he made sure that I drank water every couple of miles and ate something every 45 minutes. I never bonked and when I wanted to walk he told me to stay strong and keep pushing. Seriously, I could not have completed this run in such a strong manner without his support.

JWail-"The Sherpa"

Without further ado, I give you “scenes from a 20 mile run around a small Wyoming town.”

Running up the canyon simulating the hills of the marathon

Running back down the canyon



The territorial prison-aka Butch Cassidy's "Big House"


Coal trains


Dirt paths along babbling brooks


Bike paths along the river


More trains and scenic mountain views from the bike path. FYI-This is also built on a superfund site. JWail got the whole history of it as we ran the 3 miles around.

The "city". Of course there are trains obscuring the view

What made today’s run successful?

1. I didn’t run alone like I have for the last 18 and 20 milers. Mentally, this was huge.

2. I maintained a steady pace and took the time to take a couple of pics (or mention to JWail that he should take some pics)

3. I didn’t wear the Garmin, so my pace was unknown and where we were in the mileage was unknown (unless I heard a beep, then I knew another mile went by). I have been watching the watch way too much lately. JWail just told me my pace was steady and to keep going. So, I did.

4. I ate and drank regularly. Every 45 minutes, no matter what. And I went back to clif shots. I had been experimenting with other sugary fuels, like homemade cookies, and granola bars, but my body does best with clif shot gels.

5. We started early in the morning before it got too warm and the 45 mph winds kicked up.

What makes a successful run for you?

All of the above

If you have one, are you addicted to your Garmin?

Yes, and my runs are better without it, unless I am doing tempos or speed

What is the best view for you on your run, walk, bike, ect?

On the pedestrian bridge over the train tracks. Nothing says Wyoming like small historical buildings over a backdrop of trains and mountains.

11 responses to “Scenes from a 20 mile run in Wyoming

  1. I’m going to be making the switch to Clif Shots here in the next couple of weeks, so I’m glad to hear they work well for you!

    Congrats on your successful run, and great pictures!

  2. Cliff Shots have been my fuel of choice for my last two races, too. They’re the only thing has NEVER upset my stomach.

    Congrats on a phenomenal run, and with gorgeous pictures!

  3. Wow, beautiful run!! Those sights are just amazing! I am jealous you had bike support – my sister refused to bike that slow, that far πŸ˜‰ And I love Clif shots as well. For some reason, they seem to be just the right fuel to keep me going!

    On the Garmin, yes, total slave to it since I got one. I have to try putting it on backwards or something so I cannot easily see it! Way too easy to get obsessed, that is for sure!

    • Ya, he was a trooper. I had been running 10 alone and then coming back and getting him to come for the last 10, but my long runs had not been very successful, so I asked if he would do all 20. He jetted home once I got to the last 3. Ya, I wish I had a garmin pocket to put it in. I like it for the mileage but not always the pace.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great job on the 20-miler. I used to use clif gels but have switched to honey stinger chews…they are delicious! Your pictures are beautiful, my sister lives in ID and it is so gorgeous out there!

  5. That’s AWESOME that you had company. What a great run. I wouldn’t be able to give up my Garmin grip. Lol. It’s really motivational for me as I go. I know I shouldn’t be so obssessed. Lol.

  6. I’ve run on those exact trails/paths/up and over those train tracks before! Next time I come up to visit my bro, we def gotta run together!

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