Soaking in the sun

JWail and I were in need of a play date. And what better day than today when it got up to 70 degrees here in Wyoming! We began the day with a hike around the wildlife refuge with the dogs.

Came home, so both of us could get some work done, ate some lunch outside and then loaded up the bikes and headed to Curt Gowdy State Park.

We heard that the lower trails were dry and we usually only ride the upper trails. In fact, I didn’t realize that these “reservoir trails” even existed and man we were missing out!

We road through canyons, along ridge lines, over bridges, through creeks, did some hike a bikes up sketchy sections and came out in one piece 20 miles and 3 hrs later.


We hadn’t intended to be out that long, but we also did not know the type of terrain we were in for. It was freaking awesome. Not to mention the added bonus of feeling fabulously in shape for this time of the year on the bike. I guess training for a marathon or something like that does that to you.

Anyone have fun plans for the weekend?

Anyone else have fitness to brag about?


5 responses to “Soaking in the sun

  1. first off amazing pics! i would definitely get into biking if we had trails like that around here.

    2nd, yes fitness news to brag about. i recently got a personal trainer who has been kicking a$$ to get me in shape for tough mudder race this summer! i also just started a blog of my own to track my training whoo hooo! 🙂

  2. Nice. I was talking with a friend today about my need for a bike. I know Kevin would love riding with me. He’s a really good biker, but I tend to be a stronger distance runner… it’d be humbling for sure!!!

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