Sick and training

This spring did not come in the usual applause and pomp and circumstance. Instead of skipping amongst the tulips, I found myself walking gently to a classroom on campus trying to keep down my morning breakfast as I got ready to teach a 3000 level college class. I had spent the last two days with the stomach flu and had to muster up the energy yesterday to make magic happen in those classrooms. Needless to say, I did it.

Here I am, about 4 days out from my last run. 3 if you count the 2.5 mile recovery run that I did with the dogs the day after my 18 miler. I thought today that I might be able to get some sort of workout in, maybe even the elliptical, but truth be told I don’t really have the energy. If I was playing the blogger game “What I ate Wednesday” I would probably have two pictures for the last three days. I am trying some oatmeal now, but it’s dry.

I believe in listening to our bodies. Many of my injuries have occurred from not listening to my body enough. Of course, with marathon training or any training comes the mental battle of the “I shoulds.” I should be at least getting a cross training in. I should be running my tempo today. I should be doing some core work. No one wants an empty week on their training calendar.

Unfortunately for me, I have been sick for longer than a week now. It started with a cold three weeks ago, morphed into a sinus infection, settled into bronchitus, and (fingers crossed) ended with the stomach flu. I have taken some days off here and there, but never this many in a row.

It makes me wonder if I should really be doing this. Is my body really meant to sustain itself throughout this endurance training? Or are other things going on causing it to resist? There is a 15k the same day as the marathon and it is looking sweeter and sweeter.

**********On a much higher note-Have you ever heard of 11’s wear? No, well, you should. Check out their website. Their t-shirts and tanks are locally made and organic and their sunglasses, although not really for athletic wear, are super fun and blingy for looking fly around town.******** (If you think I might be having my first giveaway here soon, you are correct!)

How do you battle fatigue in training?

Are you good at listening to your body?

Who has ever had a setback in their training?



7 responses to “Sick and training

  1. You are right you should always listen to your body, I have learned the hard way. Ran my first marathon last march and ran through a hip flexor injury and still experience pain if i run more that 12 km.

    As for feeling ill, have you ever tried taking Emergen-C? a fellow marathon runner got me on to it when i started training and i didnt get sick once! here is the link (i think u can get free samples.

    11’s Wear makes amazing clothes! Really good quality 🙂

    feel better!

    • Yes, I drink Emergen-C every day-sometimes multiple times. It is great for replenishing electrolytes, unfortunately my immune system needs a big boost right now.

  2. I am getting better at listening to my body, that’s for sure. One benefit of physical therapy…..

    It stinks that you’ve been sick so long, but you are doing the right thing by re-evaluating. It’s such a healthy attitude that took me too long to adopt.

  3. Aw, I’m sorry to hear that you’re hitting some bumps in the road! Listening to your body is good, but don’t make any decisions like ditching a marathon while you’re still not feeling good. You need a clear good feeling head for that. 🙂

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