Long runs deserve a post

This training program (“Run Less Run Faster”) has 5- 20 mile runs on deck. I attempted number two this week, which was suppose to be last week, but I was sick. I thought that 20 miles would get easier, but guess what, news flash-THEY STILL SUCK.

Mostly it’s the mental for me more than the physical. Don’t get me wrong, 20 miles hurts any way you slice it, but what hurts even more is the thoughts that go through my head:

“12 more miles to go”

4 miles in and I am just getting warmed up”

“How do I have a head wind heading south, I just had it going North, East, and West too.”

“First time on this street, I only have to run on it 2 more times.”

“Happy hour will taste so good.”

Will run for beer-ALWAYS!

In fact, the wind got the best of me today. The gusts of 30 mph got to be unbearable. It was literally pushing me sideways on the bike path.

And the route gets to me. There is only so far you can run around this small town to get 20 miles. I prefer running down by my Mom’s where you can run a giant loop through 3 towns (Loveland,Windsor, and Fort Collins) all on back roads. Here it is either 10 miles out and back on a country road with an incredible headwind or run the perimeter of the town -twice. It’s a head game either way.

I made it 12 miles outside. Then hit up the gym for 6 more on the treadmill. Whew, mentally that was tough too. To get home and know that you were not done with your long run. I still had to get in the truck and drive to the gym. The treadmill without 12 miles on the legs first is pure mental torture. I was struggling big time by mile 15-only 3 more left. I made it 18 miles and called it a day.

Long runs are exhausting-mentally and physically.

How do you deal with the mental aspect of long runs? I whine and complain like I am doing now

Do you only do your long runs outside or on the treadmill or a hybrid like I did today? Up until today I have done all my long runs outside.


4 responses to “Long runs deserve a post

  1. When I actually used to do bona fide long runs, I would have a running companion or my husband on a bike. I did one 22 miler solo…it was trippy. But I was in great shape for it at the time and I did it on a pretty challenging route so was not at all looking at my pace…only focusing on finishing 🙂

    Today I ran on the treadmill for the first time since the mid-90’s…for real. Whoa…how do people do that for extended periods of time? I was ready to poke my eyes out after 10 minutes!

    • Ya, I told Jwail yesterday that he needs to ride his bike with me next time. I could use the mental and emotional support and I really need to get in a couple of strong 20-22 milers. I don’t know how people do long runs on the treadmill either.

  2. I’d never be able to 20 on a treadmill (well, I guess never say never, but given the choice….)

    I break 18-plus long ones up into chunks and do things like listen to music for the first quarter, go silent the second, turn it back on for the third….and then on the last chunk play really special music.

    I’d love to see a map of your route through three towns at some point…I live in Longmont, so not too far from there. I have route in the Boulder Co. backroads I do, but something different it always great.

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