Proof that I still ride my bike

Up until this big movie to Wyoming, I have always managed to mountain and road bike all winter long. It gets too snowy on the trails, but we came across this dirt back road that supposedly stays dry all winter and leads to a big lake and wildlife reserve-BONUS!

The road crosses over the interstate and this concrete plant. A little sketchy for the first mile or two.

Once I got through this dusty eyesore, it was smooth and soulful sailing.

Some cows...

A herd of antelope

The open road

Loving the sunshine these days!

And more cows...

A little snow left over

A little train action mixed in...

It’s going to be nice to mix some biking as a great way to supplement my running. The days are getting longer and the sun warmer!


6 responses to “Proof that I still ride my bike

  1. You just gotta watch out for rednecks driving diesel trucks way too fast on that road. Can’t wait for singletrack and not a redneck in sight.

  2. This affirms my association of Wyoming with trains!

    Looks gorgeous–glad you had such a good ride. That dirt road makes me want to run.

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