Soulsista’s Tofu Curry….mmmm

We all know that I am the butt of bad cooking jokes (ok, so some of  it is not joking and is true) in this family. Now that I have graduated from not burning the rice to the bottom of the pan, it was due time to take it to the next step and use that beautiful bed of rice for something more.

I bought some tofu about a week back because I have been craving it. I usually avoid it because of it’s high soy content (like 99.5% of it), but like my Soulsista says, “everything in moderation.”

Speaking of Soulsista, this is her recipe. I cannot take any credit from it, except for substituting yellow carrots for regular and adding peanuts. I know, I got a little crazy in the kitchen today!

All I can say is that is incredibly easy and even more tasty! So, please head on over, grab the recipe and try it! It will definitely become a staple in your dinner repertoire. At least we are adding it to ours!

The browning tofu-I even got JWail to eat some!

All the yummy vegetables. Thanks to Coop for providing all the organic goodness-including white mushrooms and white carrots,

And thank you Coop for this organic fresh basil. Incredible smell.

I asked Ky to help, but she said she was more interested in waiting for dropped food.

I asked this one for help too and got no response.

I felt pretty domesticated. JWail probably felt like he was actually living with a girl who cooked for him-lucky man that he is.

Here he is "working" while I get cooking ready.He is living the life!

In all fairness, he did make dessert. He spent hours today baking cinnamon rolls from scratch. The smell in the house was unbearable. I did some extra cardio at the gym because there was no way that I was eating just one of these bad boys today.

Seriously-try eating just one. I dare you...

What staples meals are in your dinner repertoire?

What baked good do you have trouble saying no to?

2 responses to “Soulsista’s Tofu Curry….mmmm

  1. Congrats, Sista! I’m glad it turned out well. Love your substitutions. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a white carrot; looks delicious!

  2. sounds yummy!! i am going to try this out for sure. i love having tofu as a change.
    My staple dinners always involve salmon on a bed of spinach!!!

    as for treats i can’t resist, i am addicted to gummy bears!!! especially if i am training for a marathon (full or half) i can’t get enough. as for baked goods, ill never say no to a brownie or fudge…. Mmmmmmm chocolate! 😉

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