Running and Weight Loss

It seems as if everyone has the food and weight loss blog at some point: here’s mine.

The good news: I cleaned out my closet yesterday and two pair of jeans that had been snug on me and I was about to get rid of-fit again!

The bad news: I am 10 pounds heavier than I was when I trained for my last marathon. I have had some health issues since then that held me back for a bit, but there is no way that those are an excuse anymore. As I begin to peak in this training cycle (increase my mileage and intensity) I would like to become more lean too.

I feel like I am at a loss. Nutritional, whole, healthy eating is a philosophy in this household. We are both underemployed at the moment, but we make it a priority to buy wholesome, organic, locally grown food.

Here’s the craziness of cooking a few nights ago:

Homemade bread sticks

Bread rising

The whole shebang

On the menu:

  • Bean soup in the crockpot (mixed dried beans, a can of organic tomatoes, frozen organic veggies, spices)
  • Josh’s homemade bread (simple, few ingredients, all organic, all natural)
  • Salad-locally grown organic mixed greens with 2 tbs of Annie’s organic dressing

I have tried the Chris Carmichael Nutrition plan for vegetarian athletes a few years back with bike racing. It was good, but I can’t stand the menu plans that have you eating something different every meal every day-that is a lot of groceries to buy.

I have been reading “Training Weight.” A great book, but you must be detail oriented to keep track of all your measurements, what you burn, and what you eat. Honestly, this is probably what needs to be done. Maybe I need to quit whining and just do it!

Any tips for weight loss while working out?

What is your go to plan for slimming down?


2 responses to “Running and Weight Loss

  1. I wrote a post about racing weight not too long ago…fueling optimally is so difficult(at least for me it is..)
    I’m not much help on the lose factor except that I would suggest eating mini meals every 2-hrs, and make sure your getting enough 🙂 if you go to low your performance will suffer and your body will hold onto fat and chomp your muscle 😦
    also running shorter/higher intensity runs help with weightless, sometimes longer runs send the appetite out of control
    I know you will get to where you want to be!!

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