Update on “Run Less Run Faster” Training Plan

I am halfway to my marathon! It’s about time, then for an update on my training plan.

I’ve upped my running big time this week. On the “Run Less Run Faster” training plan, I have 3 distinct workout that I must complete each week: a speed, a tempo, and a long run and all at prescribed paces and distances for me. In between those days you do intense cross training.

I have been doing great. Here is a snapshot of my training plan thus far. The printout part is what I need to be doing. What I wrote in a myriad of rainbow colors is what I have done.


Minus the long runs I have been doing well. I skipped the long run last week because I was sick. I attempted it again this week and made it 12 out of the 20 miles before realizing that I was still sick. I would like to attempt that again in the next couple of days.

Yesterday I ran a 5 mile tempo at an average of 8.34 min/miles. The best part-it was the day after a 12 miler! I ran fast and hard and it felt good. Oh so good!

So good, that I had to do a heel click and make JWail take pictures until he snapped me with my heels together

Overall, I am pleased. However, I want more. I want to run more and up the weekly mileage. I feel as if I am ready for that. So, I went ahead and did it

This week I completed the following:

Sunday-3 easy miles with Griz

Monday-3 easy miles with Griz

Tuesday-6 miles-4 of speed work

Wednesday off


Friday-12 miles (avg 9.30 pace)

Saturday- 6 miles (5 at a 8.34min/mile tempo)

Total: 30….I would have done 22 miles if following just the “Run Less Run Faster Training Plan.”

A good start and something that I am pleased with. Today I am at a cross roads-do I let the legs rest or keep going and building power and strength all this week? Although it is daylight savings and I would like to celebrate with an evening job-so tempting.

Maybe I will take one of these fools with me to jog

If you are training for a race (tri, running, biking, whatevs) how is it going?

Do you follow a training plan? Which ones have you tried?

I’ve done Jeff Galloway, Run Less Run Faster, and my own

Do you ever modify training plans?

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