5 Things Friday-Spring Break Addition

1. I have never not had a Spring break, nor have a ever worked a full time-year round job. I am trying to keep these two things up until I am 30, because quite frankly spring breaks and summers off rock!

Summertime in the hammock at Mooselook in Maine

Hanging with my homegirl back in Rhode Island

Road trip to Yellowstone


2. This spring break does not rock. It starts today. I am pouting. My truck is in the shop for the unforeseen future. No skiing, no mountain biking, no going to hang out with my SoulSista and Favorite Two Foot Tall Red Head. Here are scenes of previous spring breaks and where the “KaitEscape” has brought me.

Bike racing in New Mexico


A big snowfall before leaving to surprise my bro in Seattle for his 30th

Here we are surprising him!


3. I am going on two weeks of being sick. I finally got on antibiotics this week. But, I still cough a lot. I attempted 12 miles before turning around again. It was 50. I wore shorts. It was great until mile 8 when I started coughing-a lot.

New kicks-Mizuno Nirvana- for my run today


4. I will stop my pitty party as soon as I finish this post-promise. Then I am going to stock up on margarita mixings and taco fixings. If I can’t make it to the spring break party, I will bring the party to me.

5. Instead of pouting all week, I am looking forward to reading a book that does not involve politics, the environment, or theoretical ramblings of academia. I am hoping to come across a good, mindless, trashy novel to keep me more entertained than hour of watching The Kardashians.

Any suggestions for books?

Anyone else name their cars (or inanimate objects)? I usually don’t, but someone called my car this once and it stuck.


4 responses to “5 Things Friday-Spring Break Addition

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon; it’s too nice out this week to be sick! Sorry it’s not one of your best spring breaks but glad to hear you are making margaritas. They are kind of like chocolate cupcakes; they make everything better!

  2. My favorite trashy-ish novel I’ve read lately is Janet Evanovich’s Wicked Appetite. Easy read, some mystery, and a hunky stranger…what more could a girl ask for??

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