Who doesn’t love a good puppy post, right? Well, the suspense will have to kill you because first we need to discuss running!

Today’s run-5 miles on the dreadmill. The breakdown went like this:

  •  10 minute warmup
  • 5x1k (that’s.6 miles) at 8.0 mph,
  • .25 rest in between  each
  •   10 minute cooldown.
  • 15 minutes of squats, lunges, and other leg stuff that makes me hurt oh so bad

My motivation for you for today:

I was a bit sluggish for this run. I blame it on my thryoid. I got it tested yesterday, but all roads into and out of my town have been closed and remain closed until, who knows when. This means that the truck cannot come to get my blood. Regardless, I was sluggish and the dreadmill never made it passed 7.5 But, whatevs. I was breathing hard and heavy and sweating profusely. Thank you “Run Less Run Faster” for kicking my butt when I don’t have the motivation to.

Now, onto the good stuff

We are busting this guy out of the shelter today!


Meet ValentinoZionMesaGrizzley. Did you get all of that? We found him at our local humane society last week. He is still sort of a puppy, but they think that he is about two. We have been looking for another mountain dog (i.e. running, hiking, biking, skiing dog) for some time now and he just kind of fell into our lap.

My first mountain dog out mountain biking with me on my 26th birthday


He was named Valentino because he was found as a stray outside of town on Valentine’s day. I like that name because we can call him Tino and he looks and sounds like a gangster. JWail vetoed it.

The OG dog in this house!

I also wanted to call him Fluff Muffin, but JWail vetoed that too and said he was a mountain dog, not a purse dog.

Surely he is a fluff muffin

The people at the humane society call him “Big Boy.” I suspect that it is because he is bigger than all the other dogs, however I may be in denial about his size.

He looks so small lying down

This leaves us with Zion, Mesa, and Grizzley. Grizzley because he looks like a bear and Griz is a cool name.

Zion and Mesa both come from the first big trip that JWail and I took to Zion National Park. We spent 3 days mountain biking on Gooseberry Mesa. And Zion rhymes with Lion and he also look like a lion.

JWail, Mikaya, and I biking on Gooseberry Mesa in Zion National Park

Needless to say, his name is still in the air.

He is getting neutered today and we pick him up from this vet this afternoon. I can’t wait until my new running, biking, hiking, and skiing partner is healed. Mikaya can’t wait for a snuggle buddy playmate either.


Which name do you like best?

Are you a dog person?

Let us know in the comments!


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