Vegetarian, whole food fueling for marathon training

My last post showed me eating a chocolate chip cookie. It was the joke all day that every time my Mom looked at me, I had food in my hand or in my mouth or going from my hand to my mouth. Not only did I have that cookie, but I had a protein bar, two scrambled eggs with spinach, two pieces of toast with blueberry jam, and almonds (that I keep in my truck for emergencies) all before 10:30 am.

I am starving! Not, like African, poor country, I can’t afford food starving (well maybe a little bit of that, I am a graduate student of course), but I have reached a point in marathon training where fueling throughout the day is just as important as fueling during the runs. Mainly because I am hungry all the time!

The easiest thing to do is to eat that which is closest to you. Many times though, that ends up being something that is high carbs, and high sugar and just leaves you bloated and hungry again an hour later.

Like a slice of this delicious carrot cake

In reality, I really need to be thinking carefully about my meals and balancing protein to carbs and fats. With less sugar. Did I mention that I am a vegetarian? This makes the protein thing a little more difficult. Or at least something that I I need to emphasize when meal planning. Additionally, I truly believe that we should not have to sacrifice our diets for our budgets. We need to be eating foods that are sustainable to our earth and our lives. This means eating organic, whole foods when possible.

Need more whole, fresh foods like these from the farmer's market

After yoga today, I set my intention for the day and the rest of the week that I would clean up my diet and pay close attention to how I fuel.

Framing our day around healthy intentions

Basic tenets of my diet:

1. No white rice or white pasta.

2. I do eat white bread if it is JWail’s bread. He bakes bread from scratch using unbleached, non process white flour. And he only uses 3 ingredients to make it.

3. They only store bought bread or wraps I will eat are sprouted wheat. Sprouted wheats or rye bread are all natural and organic. You find these breads in the frozen food section as they are full of live probiotics (great for digestion). The nutrition label looks like this:

Per slice: Calories-90




Protein -5

4.  Officially I am a pescatarian, meaning that I eat fish. When and if I do, it has to be wild (not farm) caught and free of dyes. Most supermarket salmon adds red dye to it to make it look better. On that note, avoid all foods that have coloring added to them.

Love me some bottom feeders

5. I buy my oats raw and organic and make my own oatmeal in the morning. The instant oatmeal is full of sugar and ingredients that are tough to pronounce. In today’s mix:

I tbs organic peanut butter

I scoop organic hemp protein

1 tsp agave nectar

6. I usually skip white potatoes in favor of sweet or even purple potatoes. Both are rich in protein and antioxidants.

7. Unsure of which products to buy organic in? Check out SoulSista’s post on choosing healthy.

My biggest downfall with marathon training is not having enough of these foods on hand. If I don’t plan ahead and take all my food with me to work for the day or have food on hand post runs, then I crave stuff that is not very good for you.

  • What are your go to foods to feel better?

Smoothies! Salads! Annie’s mac and cheese (I know, so bad)

  • What was/is your best snack today?

Babybel cheese-7g of protein!


8 responses to “Vegetarian, whole food fueling for marathon training

  1. My snack today is the same as many days: a Kashi Go Lean Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bar! OK, so not the most perfect of choices but it stashes well in my desk drawer for those afternoon hunger pains. A better option for the days I can plan ahead: Hummus and carrots; my fav!

  2. I love Ezekial bread! I also think juicing has helped me a lot. I feel like I’m getting the nutrients missing from my diet that’s lacking in vegetables.

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