15 miles-done and done

Earlier this week I spoke of my almost failed (if it weren’t for my mental acceptance) run and my IT band issues. I decided to do a day of yoga, take a day off, then try this 15 mile long run. I am happy to report that it was a success. Actually, more than a success. I did yoga on Wednesday, ran 3 miles yesterday, and finished a strong 15 miles today. I say strong because I actually kept my pace around 9 min/miles.

I am sorry to report that my camera battery died just as we were about to take the first pic of the day. Instead, I will instate “Thankful Things Friday.”(It’s a spin on this girl’s “Thankful Things Thursday).

1. I am thankful for my sherpa-JWail. Whenever a long run comes along, I get very nervous. Even today JWail looked at my and said “I can tell you are nervous.” After several injuries and upping the mileage, I do get worried. I want my long runs to end in success. Today they did. He rode his bike in the freezing cold at a pace that was not fast enough to keep his toes warm. But, he handed me my water when I reached my hand out. And every 3 miles he had nutrition ready to go. Love that boy!

He did not look so happy today riding along at a minimal pace as my sherpa

2. I am thankful that I finished my run today. I almost did not. It was partly sunny and 38 when I left the house this morning. 7 miles in, the clouds covered everything and it began to snow. I was bored and not having fun and I knew that JWail was doubly freezing and doubly not having fun. We decided that we would finish the loop and head home. That would have put me at 10 for the day. We split at the end of the loop and I told him that I wanted to do a few more and would meet him at home. I did the 5 necessary and it felt oh, so good to finish up at 15, and not just 10.

3. I am thankful for my dog, Mikaya. This 7  year old pup has a lot of energy. Many times when I am leaving for a run, bike, or ski sesh, she wants to come to. But, she can’t go the distance. To appease both of us, I ran 1.5 miles with her before my long run today. She got her exercise and I got to figure out if I needed another layer, or had to shed a layer. Win-win in my book. Plus, I was 1.5 miles into my run. I did one more mile with her when I got home. She got her walk and I went from 14-15 miles. Again, win-win. Although she is limping tonight again and that makes me sad.

My best running, biking, hiking, and skiing partner!

4. I am thankful for my Mom. She is headed up tomorrow. It is always a relaxing time when she comes to visit. We will probably take a nap, go out to dinner where we have to sit at the bar and have drinks, then she will decide to fold my laundry and vacuum. Again, win-win. Oh yeah, and she still rocks it on skis at 60. Boo-ya- I have a ski buddy for Sunday.

Drinking tall boys at the rodeo this past summer

5. I am thankful for Lasagna (that JWail is cooking). I finished my run with absolutely no energy today. You know when you need to eat so badly and you are mean and everything annoys you. Ya, that was me today. Until, JWail said “how about I make lasagna for dinner tonight.” And, I said “Hell Ya!”

6. I am thankful for my favorite two foot tall redhead. Today I had to get my truck worked on. While the men were busy turning wrenches, I went next door and did some shopping-in the adorable little girls section. I scored some good deals on some cute clothes. I can’t wait to see her soon!

Love her!

7. I am thankful for my Dad. He made homemade jams and jellies from scratch and sent them to us for Christmas. Nothing starts a run off better than blueberry jam on sprouted rye toast!

I will do anything for a lobster salad sandwhich-anything!

There it is. I fulfilled my training goals for this week. I still have a 7 mile recovery run tomorrow, but that should be no issue. While I was at it, I was able to practice thankfulness. Amazingly fulfilling to think back at all those who helped make your run (or whatever it might) be possible, although indirectly involved.

Let me know, what are you thankful for?


One response to “15 miles-done and done

  1. Congrats on the 15 mile run! That’s awesome! And I hope you had a wonderful visit with your Mom 🙂

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