Yoga makes me…

I used to be a cardio junky-go big, go hard, or go home-6 days a week. I always felt as if every workout had to be a incredible sweatfest of no pain no gain.

But, 3.5 years ago, my soulsista bought me my first yoga mat and cute carrying bag for my 25th birthday. I decided to try a class at my gym and I was transformed. I had been having hip pain while bike riding and running. My sports massage man told me that it was from tight core and hip flexors. Yoga opened up my hips, my lower back, and my heart. It slowed me down and centered me. I did yoga once a week in between hard running and mountain biking sessions. To my surprise, it improved my training. It gave my body a rest, and it stretched everything, eliminating the tightness that was restraining me from performing well.

Last week, during my speed interval workout, I noticed some tightness in the outside of my knee. IT band issues are common and I knew that my hips needed some stretching and opening. The pain came back in full force on my “long” run this past weekend and yesterday during my speed workout on the treadmill, it was excruciating. I knew that today had to be a yoga day. And a good decision it was. My goal is to rest for the remainder of today, perhaps even tomorrow (if not then a 3 mile jog to see how it feels), and hopefully be rested enough for Friday’s 15 miler.


  • Yoga opens me up, centers me, grounds me, and sets my healthy intentions for the day.


Now it is your turn:

Comment with the following-

  1. YOGA MAKES ME__________ (Fill in the blank)
  2. Or if you are a cardio junky, how do you find balance in your workouts?



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