I am not even going to pretend that I like to cook or that I am known for my cooking. If you want delicious, vegetarian, healthy recipes head on over to my soul sister’s site. She knows what is up with cooking in this family. Me, I am just known as the “fat kid.” Quite frankly, I am ok with that name. If it gets me out of chopping, stirring, washing, or out of the kitchen in general, you can call me whatever you want.

I am usually found stuffing my face, not in the kitchen cooking-like here with my broski

But, this lady left a comment asking for the recipe of my soup to be posted on my blog. I don’t consider myself a chef in any way, shape, or form (have we established this already), but I do manage to eat home 3 meals a day 99% of the time. And, those meals are all natural (no preservatives, additives, chemicals, or pesticides) and vegetarian. How do I do it? I think ahead, plan ahead, and keep it simple. Be prepared-I don’t measure anything. I simply go by taste alone.

Enter, the crockpot

I bought some 13 bean soup in the bulk dry section of my local food co-op. I decided to try it out in the crock pot before heading for some laps at the local ski mountain. Here’s what I did:


Poured in the beans

Added one can of crush tomatoes

Added some chopped broccoli

Added a couple of handfuls of spinach

Filled with water about 2-3 inches from the top

A dash of cayenne

A pinch of tumeric

Some shakes of the italian spices

A few dashes of salt



Add everything to the crockpot at 8am. Set crock pot to low. Eat at 5 pm.

Quite obviously I should also not be a food photographer

I heated up some of JWail’s bread. He makes this all natural bread from scratch-no bread maker. I have no idea how he does it, so if you want to know I will have him do a guest post. But, he makes about 4 loaves a week. We freeze them and pop them in the oven when we are ready to eat.

I also paired it with a glass of red wine and topped the bean chili soup goup with shredded cheese.

Mikaya was eating her dinner too-no beans for the dog!

And Voila! Simple, natural, and healthy. I now have dinner tonight and lunch for the next three days. They don’t call me the fat kid for nothing!

It was quite delicious!



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