3 ft pow snow day!

Yesterday was one of those days that felt surreal and just kept getting better. Hands down, one of the best days on my skis. Thursday night, there was a storm predicted that looked to be hitting east and primarily South of here into Colorado and The Front Range/Denver area. JWail texted me and said that he saw The Snowies (the mountain range 20 mins west of me) as getting a foot. I set my alarm for 7am, just in case. When I checked the resort’s facebook report, it said 20in! Undeniably, the routine commenced and gear started flying towards the front door; boots, goggles, poles, skis, cliff bars, water, coffee, hats, gloves. Eggs were made and ipod was loaded and out the door I went at 8am.

It was smooth sailing right into the town of Centennial, about 3 miles from the mountain. Snow, was falling heavy and it was apparent that there was fresh snow on the ground.

About 1 mile from the turnoff into the resort, I saw red lights ahead and traffic came to a stop. It was hard to see exactly what was going on, but it looked like this:

I sat for a while, texting my bro to brag about a pow day and called JWail to tell him about this Wyoming traffic jam. Some trucks went around and tried to get ahead. We moved ever so slowly. Then these guys started pushing their truck to get it around the traffic.

It was not successful. But, they walked up to my truck and told me that I could probably get around if they pushed. The guys in the truck behind me got out to to give a push. I was so scared. There was 2 feet of unplowed snow and I was sliding to the side a bit. I am definitely not an expert driver period in the snow. But, I had no choice. I had an audience: 8 20 something boys pushing my truck, yelling things like “turn left, turn right, straighten it out” then “go, go, go don’t stop!” I kept going. Here I was, this single girl in her Ford Escape passing pickups hauling sled trailers that were stuck in the snow. I made it about half a mile and hit another traffic jam.

People started taking out their sleds and trying to get around the traffic to see what was going on with this S$%^ show. People were getting out of their vehicles and taking pictures of themselves in the waist deep snow. Me, I sat in my truck and pouted that I had been in my truck for almost an hour and half and hadn’t moved and could be skiing powder instead.


Finally, our savior, in the form of a giant DOT plow came.

I made it to the resort and had to pee really bad from all of the coffee I drank at home and in the car. But, I was so excited. Clearly, more than 20 inches of snow had fallen and no one had touched it yet, since all of the employees were stuck in the traffic jam of non-plowed snow on a mountain road. I skipped the b-room and headed straight for the lift. I was second lift up at 10:30.

thigh deep in this spot-waiste deep on the backside of the mtn


stuck in the snow-nothing but smiles for miles and miles!

I hit the front side for about 4 laps of nothing but face shots (that’s where you ski in powder so deep that it splashes up into your face) when I heard that they opened up the backside. I immediately headed over there and on my first lap got stuck in waist deep powder-under the lift! Once again, I had an audience as I used my core to rock myself out of the snow and everyone above cheered me on. The excitement in the air for a pow day is incredible! I made it out of the tough spot and slashed my way to the bottom. As I skied into the lift (no lines here), I heard “Kaitlyn.” I turned around to see my friend Quinn. I was stoked to spend the next four hours skiing with good company. Instead of rocking out to my head phones solo on the lift, I had good conversation, good laughs, and good lines to follow.

The day ended when the lifts closed and there was only one thing to do-belly up to the bar with a pitcher, of what else, but New Belguim’s “Snow Day!”

Because nothing beats a Friday 3ft pow snow day!

5 responses to “3 ft pow snow day!

  1. “Jealousy” does not even begin to describe how i’m feeling…in the 50s and raining in Indiana…stupid global warming. Happy for your rad day on the mtn tho!

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