Running for girl scout cookies

What a glorious Sunday it was here for running. Today’s is my last “unofficial” day of running. That is to say, tomorrow starts the training plan for the full marathon. I felt great about today’s 11 miles from the start. First, I woke up to this red headed munchkin as we all had a slumber party at mi madre’s last night.

I then had to clean my mom’s house to earn my box of girl scout cookies (and $25 off my phone bill for the month), which I may or may not have finished an entire sleeve after dinner. I will let you guess if I did or did not.

On to the run. The glorious run. I have been running this same route at my mom’s for about the last month. I love it. A lot of backroads, hills, and beautiful views of The Rockies. Today was no exception. It was 52 when I left the house and a solid 60 degrees when I got back. My wardrobe was far different than what I have been wearing the last few months when running.

Bring out the chicken legs!

It felt so good to have that dry salty taste on my face instead of the wet, cold, sweatyness of winter running. My legs have not seen the light of day since probably last August. I notice a little sock line too.

Finished up the run in 1h40mins. My legs are definitely tired and I feel a lot more dehydrated today than I have felt running longer distances in the cold.

In honor of starting the official training plan tomorrow, I decided that I needed some motivation and Lindsey Vonn and I became best friends tonight while I watched a documentary about her. Her workouts are intense and inspiring, and I may or may not have a girl crush on her.

Check out some of her workout moves here
 and here

Anyway, she is a beast and her workouts are beastly. According to the film, she does 1 hour of core (I can do like 15 minutes before I am bored and my abs hurt from too many girl scout cookies), 3 hrs of riding a bike (I can do that outside, but inside the most I have ever done was 2hrs and then I wanted more girl scout cookies), and 2 hours of weight lifting (I run out of ideas and then I want more girl scout cookies). All joking aside, people that work out that way are truly inspiring. That takes dedication and hard work and a lot of mental exhaustion too. I guess that’s what it takes to be an Olympic gold medalist (and I am sure that she passes on the boxes of girl scout cookies.


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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