Keeping the boots warm

an urban boot warmer

This picture does not do yesterday justice as I left my camera at home on a 12in and dumping powder day. But, I planned ahead and threw myself into a 14 hour workday on Thursday, knowing full well that a storm was going to hit. I was still reading articles and highlighting points for a draft proposal as I turned off the light Thursday night at 10:30. At 5:30 I was back up and at ’em for two more hours of polishing this draft to send off to my advisor. JWail called from the road (he was on his way to work) at 6:30 to make sure that I was up. Duh, I had a grant proposal to write and powder to slay-of course I was up. By 8am, I was warming up the truck and my boots.And by 8:45am I was on the first chair with the patrollers.

Days of big pow make me yearn for big mountains and a real fireplace to warm my boots by. Baby steps I suppose. One year ago I had a broken foot and could not ski. For the six years before that I lived on the Front Range of Colorado and skiing was a weekend thing stuck in traffic with every other Boulderite and Denverite. Or left for a day to play hookie from work. Now, I get a small local mountain within a 30 minute drive, zero traffic (I think I passed 5 cars on the way) and a lifestyle that is flexible in allowing me to ski when the snow hits. Nothing tastes better than face shots and first tracks-regardless the size of the mountain.

In the meantime I will dream of these and visit on the weekends:

When I first met J-Wail (we started talking one year ago this week) he had just returned from a powderlicious week in The Tetons. My response when he told me that was, “I want to live in Victor.” I had visited a friend of a friend there over five years ago on a cross country road trip and I fell in love with that town. That town was my ideal town. One of everything, as I like to say. One one brewery, one bar with music, one Thai restaurant, and all at the base of big mountains. But alas, finding a job-any job any where-after college was a priority, but Victor always hung in the back of my mind. J-Wail  looked at me in awe that day that we started talking as most people do not know of Victor until they have been there. He loved Victor too. We look at Laramie now as a stepping stone to Victor (or Jackson, or Driggs, or Alta-pretty much wherever one of lands a job first).

Back to reality. I made it home from skiing, ate, took a shower, and a small nap and then curled up on the couch with my stack of books on environmental politics and spatial relations, a cup of coffee, and my dog and called it a day-a pretty stellar day! Although, all I was missing was a fireplace to warm my feet by.

Sometimes I can't believe that I get paid to read all day-I have to pinch myself!


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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