Battling the weather

I’ve been anxious lately. Mostly because of the weather. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a place like Southern California, where the weather is mild and enjoyable almost every day of the year. I have always seemed to live in places with weather that can get extreme; northern Maine, Colorado, and now Wyoming. There is no parking on campus unless  you pay and I am far too cheap when I only live a mile away and can clearly walk or ride my bike. But, I am also spoiled because when JWail is around he is my personal chauffeur. He drops me off at my office door and picks me up within 5 minutes of me texting him. Many times the truck has already been warmed up. Ah, I miss those days. Well, he is on assignment in Jackson Hole this week, so that leaves me battling the beast of the weather to get to school.

Yesterday it was 20 below zero. Yes, that would be -20 in math terms. Not a lot of wind, but it snowed the day before and they don’t plow the streets. So, I could not bike, I had to walk. Well, that would be fine except that I had an evening class in the law school, which is another 1.5 miles away from my office and a 2.5 mile walk home in the dark. Here is how I dressed:


Aspaeris compression shorts

Smartwool knee high ski socks

long johns



sports bra

thermal wicking shirt

regular white long sleeve cotton

wool sweater

North Face Shell

I didn’t take a picture because I was embarrassed to leave the house. But, here is what I felt that I looked like.

Does this suit make my butt look big?

Fortunately, most everyone else in Wyoming dresses this way, so I fit right in. Wondering how I button those pants or zip that jacket? Well, you see, when you wear that much lycra, it sucks everything in. When I got home and undressed to put on my sweat pants, I expanded 3 inches.

I made it home from class in 45 minutes and immediately took a shot of whiskey. My dog needed to go for a walk. Of course she did. She had been inside for 9 hours and did not realize that it was so cold that she couldn’t walk in the snow. I needed to warm up fast. The best part: I get to do this all again tomorrow. I can’t wait.(I’m being sarcastic of course).

This morning I woke up at 5:45 to go to a muscle sculpt class at the gym. The good news: I made it and it kicked my ass. The bad news: The wind is blowing 65mph, thus making the temperature with wind chill a whopping -25. Guess who has two thumbs, lots of layers, and has to walk to school again. THIS GIRL! 1 miles both ways. In the snow.


2 responses to “Battling the weather

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  2. Battling the weather is always my biggest fear! Especially cold cold cold weather. Thanks for the list of items you use! It’s very helpful 🙂

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