13 Fit and Healthy Things on Friday the 13th

Scary date. Or just an ordinary day, with a fun reason to share my knowledge on fit and healthy living.

1. Tomorrow is a long run. I haven’t done a long run since Christmas Day when I did 11.5. Tomorrow’s goal is 10 miles. I made sure to remind myself that today is a day to drink lots of water, and fuel properly. I had thai tofu peanut noodles for dinner followed up with a bottle of kombucha. Perfect. Nothing but water for the rest of the night.

2. There is never an excuse not to exercise. Come up with a plan. Schedule it into your planner like another meeting. Walk the dog. Do videos at home. You will feel better as soon as you get your workout in.

3. Never eat anything with high fructose corn syrup. It lurks in everything. I found it in my Mom’s “healthy” loaf of grain bread.

4. Don’t eat anything with ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

5. Making lunches and dinners save your belly and your wallet. Plan ahead for the week of what to eat.

6. Grocery shop more frequently. I hit up the coop on Tuesday and Fridays when they get their deliveries. Today I bought mixed greens, red potatoes, kale, oranges, apples, cabbage, avocado, rice and bean dry mix, celery, sprouts, eggs and rice cakes for less than $30. All organic, all local.

Purple potatoes were the new food cooked up last week. Full of antioxidants.

7. Drink water or tea all day long. (After your cup of coffee of course). Skip calorie filled drinks. They are necessary, not full of any nutrients and usually have chemically produced ingredients or unnecessary amounts of sugar.

8. Skip the processed foods. Limit anything from a box to twice a week if you need to. This includes crackers, cookies, mac and cheese. Think about everything your buy in boxes. Did it have to be processed to be made? Is it all natural?

9. Take naps. They rock. And solve everything.Or at least get to bed a decent hour.

10.  Eat every few hours. Don’t forget to eat and keep your meals manageable. Portions are everything.

11. No fried food. Seriously, I was a cheese fries kind of girl every Friday at happy hour. Try cutting it out. I made a resolution when training for the Pierre’s Hole 50 mile mountain bike race last summer that I would not I promise that you will not miss it.

12. Keep your sugar natural. Don’t use the fake stuff-it’s chemicals. Don’t eat the gross candy that you are not sure what it is made of (ie, blow pops, charleston chew, sour patch kids, ect). Use agave nectar as a substitute for jams, jellies, and maple syrup. Or organic honey.

13. Plan ahead. I never leave for school without a peanut butter sandwhich or other snacks like yogurt or fruit. That way I am never tempted to hit the food court or worse yet, the snack machine.

What healthy living tips do you live by?

You just read them!

What motivates you to be healthy?

My diagnosis last year (story to come soon) led me to think twice about toxins in my body.

2 responses to “13 Fit and Healthy Things on Friday the 13th

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  2. Good ideas! I have recently started drinking lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps with digestion and tastes yummy and refreshing. I also put spinach and flax seeds in my morning smoothies 🙂

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