Patience for powder

It is no secret that the Western mountains this year are lacking snow. Skinny Runner has some great pics of her trip to Mammoth in California. These parts of The West are suffering as well. J-Wail and I needed to get out and get some fresh air, exercise, and to feel as if it were slightly winter time and not 60 degrees in January. Seriously, the birds were chirping outside my window today they were so confused. We first debated a trip up to Big Sky. They are offering free pity passes to Epic Pass season ticket holders since Vail Resorts has a an 18″ base.  My Bro-ster would have made the trip down from Missoula to ski for a day with us at Big Sky. It was going to be sweet. We booked the hotel and everything. Then, as we started packing the truck, J-Wail decided to call Yellowstone Park to find out what entrances were open. Smart cookie that one is, because it turned out none were open and driving around the park would make it a 12 hour drive. No bueno.

We canceled our hotel and moped around for a bit with our heads hung low. Then we figured, what the heck and packed up the truck anyways.We headed North West to the Snowy Range and spent 4 hours skinning and skiing in the back country.  And sometimes.. well, I will just give it to you in pictures.

Strap on those skis

put in a little uphill, inwards effort

and ye shall be rewarded

Patience for snow to ski pays off

Patience for snow to ski pays off

But, we still needed to say a prayer to the powder gods

But, we still need to say a prayer to the powder gods before leaving

Pray for snow!



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