New Year’s in Wyoming

Only since I moved to Wyoming, have I started to host my home for holidays and get togethers. Not that I have lived in poor housing, however I always lived close to my Mom and Sister who have larger, more accommodating homes for get togethers. Now that I live further away, they are forced to stay the night. The first time they all came was Labor Day Weekend and we spent an afternoon at the bluegrass festival and an evening at Michael Franti.

At first I was apprehensive, but then when I realized that I can sit back and let my Mom and Sister do the work they usually do while I kick back on my own couch, I really couldn’t complain. I had dinner made for me both nights and people constantly picking up and cleaning the house. Really, I can’t complain. When they ask what I contributed to the weekend, I simply say “my house.” Which, I think is a pretty big thing to contribute.

The Two Foot Tall Red Head is very happy on Auntie's couch

Mom drove up on Friday after checking on her horse. My sis, her hus, and their Two Foot Tall Red Head appeared on Saturday. Unfortunately our plans of going for a family snowshoe were derailed with the 60 mph winds and negative windchill. Instead, we made an adventure to the flea market. Which, let me tell you, is quite an adventure with an 18 month old who refused to sit in a cart and if you took your eyes off her for one minute she was picking up an ancient sword probably worth thousands of dollars.

It was a quiet New Year’s filled with a yummy dinner, champagne, and a movie. Everyone slowly ticked themselves off before midnight. First the Two Foot Tall Redhead, then her mother that was afraid she wouldn’t get enough sleep with the baby getting up early, then The Mom who refused to admit that she was falling asleep on the couch, then my sis’s husband because he…well, I don’t know. Until I was the lone one left counting down the New Year to Cold Play on PBS, the only channel that I get in clearly.

Yup, I wore sweat pants on New Year's Eve. I'm classy like that

Yesterday proved itself a fabulous first day of the 2012. The Mom, Sis, and I headed out for a day of skiing. My sister tried telemarking for the first time. Being the jealous, competitive younger sister, I had to try it to. Kudos to my sister for her natural ability the first day out. How awesome is to ski with your family? The Mom is still rocking it out there and tearing up the slope at 60!

Gotta love the double lift


The fam dam skiing

The only person we were missing out there today was my Bro!

The WHOLE fam dam 8 years ago

After a day of skiing, Mom put out a plate of apps and cooked dinner. Again, no complaining here.

The morning was spent cleaning and packing and sending everyone of their merry way. I was left with tons of leftover food, and a cold that my sister apologized for catching from her.

The Two Foot Tall Red Head decided that she was driving back to Colorado

Once I vaccumed, threw sheets and towels into the wash, and napped, Ky and I headed out some solitude in the form of a snow hike. Nothing but fresh air, blue skies, and my dog. Pure bliss.



One response to “New Year’s in Wyoming

  1. What a wonderful way to start the New Year. All my family together. Still love to ski with you girls. The laughs just keep on coming. I ripped that mountain up good!!! Love it when you tel ski. I’m sometimes down the hill before you guys. Wishing you more good times and laughs in 2012. Thansk for the hospitility Kait. We love Wyoming.

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