2012 Goals: The “Run Less Run Faster” Marathon Training plan

If you are interested in a fun recap of this weekend’s festivities, check out Soulicious.

We were so busy having fun as a family, that I failed to reflect accurately on my goals for 2012.  I have not set actual “New Year’s Resolutions” in many years, because let’s be frank, how many of these actually stick over 12 months? However, I have set many goals within the years. Many people ask how I do this and most of how I do this comes from my years of teaching. When teaching, we are constantly setting goals when lesson planning. A simple outline of a lesson plan looks like this:

Pre test:


Post test:

# of days/classes/weeks/ect:

I can easily use this template to strategize how I will reach my goal for 2012.

Pre test: Half marathon race results

Objective: I will be able to run a 4:15 marathon on May 2012

Post Test: Running the marathon

# of weeks: 16

I am using the training plan “Run Less Run Faster.” Due to my injuries a year ago to my foot, I have learned that running more than 4 days a week does work well for me. “Run Less Run Faster” is a 16 week plan that only requires 3 days of running. Each run has a specific purpose and you set your paces according to your pretest of the most recent race results. For me, that was the Heart Center of Rockies Marathon on November 5, 2011.

Super pumped to have pr'd the half marathon

I know that was two months ago, however I have done at least a 10-12 mile run every week, plus smaller runs in between. I feel that my base is fairly strong right now.

What I also like about “Run Less Run Faster” is that you do not get burnt out from running. There are so many other sports that I enjoy this time of year, ie skiing, mountain biking, weight lifting, that it leaves me 4 other days of the week to do this type of cross training. In fact, they encourage cross training. I used this plan for The Heart Center of The Rockies Half Marathon and hit a Personal Record (PR).

I have also counted backwards 16 weeks from the date of the marathon in order to find the day when I should officially start this program.

I typed up the plan into a spreadsheet. Here is what it looks like:

The next step is to physically write on the chart. I mark up what I have done with each workout. At week 8-halfway through- I will reevaluate where I am at. I enjoy plans like this for a few reasons:

1. It holds me accountable. I have a plan in place and it makes executing it way easier. Especially when you put this on your fridge and it stares you in the face.

2. Each run has a specific purpose. There is no room for slacking. If it was up to me, every run would be easy and enjoyable. This pushes me out of my comfort zone making me stronger and faster.

3. You can write on this and keep track of your training. It feels good to check off workouts or see ones that may have had to be skipped.

What are your goals for 2012?

1. Train with “Run Less Run Faster” for the Sugarloaf Marathon

2. Play the violin more

3. Create a new training nutrition plan using “Racing Weight”

4. Practice acceptance and not being so judgmental of others

How do you set goals and hold yourself accountable? Any tricks and tips?

Create training plans

Keep Journals

Up Next: Integrating a nutrition plan and goal into my training




5 responses to “2012 Goals: The “Run Less Run Faster” Marathon Training plan

  1. My personal fitness goal for 2012? To finally knock that sprint-tri off my to-do list. But first I have to recover from hip arthroscopy; timing might be tough, but hopefuly doable!

    • I think it is totally doable. There are lots of tri’s in your Denver/Boulder area around August and September, which should give you ample time to train.

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