Baby it’s cold outside

Getting the motivation to workout when the thermometer reads “5” degrees, is not easy. I tend to let all the different options tumble around in my head before actually making a decision. I wanted to go to the gym, however they are closed for the holiday (how dare they!). So, I though that maybe I would try a new gym-you know how most gyms give  a free pass for you to “try it out.” But, again being the holiday, I am sure they would be filled with families looking for something to tire the kids out who are on break.

So, I kept drinking coffee, made some eggs(mixed with spinach and quinao), read some motivational blogs, and continued to watch the thermometer slowly rise. By 8:30 it read “10” degrees, so I figured it was go time and popped in a little of this:

Be afraid-be very afraid

I haven’t done it in months and man does this woman kick my behind! I don’t know what the producers of Biggest Loser were thinking when they tried to replace her with Anna. Not even a comparison. Anna would have had me doing easy breathing marching in place. Jillian had me doing mountain climbers with walking pushups.

By the time I finished getting shredded by Jillian, the thermometer read “15.” I decided it was really go time.

It's squinty eyes cold out

I ran down the block and realized with the wind chill it was colder. So, I ran back and grabbed Mikaya. I figured I would take it slow with the snow and ice and wind. We did 2 miles. I dropped her off and banged out another mile and a half by myself. By, then I was toast-freezing toast. The wind chill sucked.

But, for being a cold day, I got a butt kicking workout in anyways.


30 mins Jillian

40 mins running intervals

My lesson today: The cold is never an excuse to not get some type of activity in. Was it what I had intended? No. But, did it get the job done. H-E- Double hockey stick YES!


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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