Our 1st Christmas

Lots to celebrate around these parts of the West. JWail has to work Thursday-Monday, so he will miss the traditional Watts Western Christmas Celebration. Instead, we celebrated yesterday and today, because of course yesterday was “Christmas Eve.”

A very special gift came all the way from Rhode Island yesterday. I once read about “phantom limbs” for people who had lost, well limbs. But, they say that many times the souls of people come back to you. After my Grandma passed and we cleaned out her house a couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to inherit many of her items. One, was her dining room set and dishes. I cried tears yesterday when the movers took it off the truck, and said “you moved a long way with these items.” Grandma still managed to send gifts this Christmas. And of course, my father helped to make this all come true. It was a beautiful Christmas present from the two of them.

Don't worry Gram-I used coasters!

This morning started with mimosas, coffee, and scones.

The carpet is Persian and a gift from Grandma as well

Then present opening of course.

Thanks Mrs. JWail for the hat!

On to a day of skiing in the Snowy Range. We skinned up and checked out an area new to us. Total skinning was about 4-5 miles. I wore my Garmin, but it was freezing and it had trouble working.

Do I look freezing? I am. The wind was about 40-50 mph.

We took Mikaya with us and did not realize just how deep the snow was. So we turned around early.

Mikaya struggled through the deep snow. J's pole isn't even hitting hard surface.

But, really nothing but smiles

We stopped for a beer on the way home and indulged in a green chili smothered taco. On tap for tomorrow, chasing the pow at the local ski resort. They are suppose to get about 8 inches tonight. I am hoping to be 1st chair at 9am. As JWail says-Pray for snow.


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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