5 Things Friday!

1. Today is a rest day. When I was training for my first marathon 4 years ago, Friday was always a rest day. Teaching had me wiped out by Friday, teachers liked to go out and drink on Fridays, and my long runs usually took place on Saturday. Then, I started training for mountain biking and a fellow teacher mountain biking friend convinced me that Friday recovery rides were a good decompressor and Mondays were a better day to take off and get settled in for the week. Now, my rest days vary with my schedule, since my schedule is not very set. Today it is.

2. I didn’t make it to Steamboat yesterday, but I did make it to the gym-for 2 hours! I love the gym. The gym pumps me up, and motivates me. Yesterday was day 5 in a row of working out. I don’t do that anymore because of risk of injury, but this week I felt the power. I like to watch people and get ideas for new lifting moves.

3. I get to babysit my favorite 2 foot tall red head tomorrow. We are going to make gingerbread cookies. I’m stoked.

4. Yesterday was incredibly productive: laundry, dishes, all my wrapping, finished making some gifts, shopping for gifts, watching the last 3 episodes of Biggest Loser (I would have won too if my spouse let me stay out of work and cooked all my meals-I’m not a fan of John), finished reading a fabulous book (“Yellow Dirt”) and packed to head down to my Mom’s this weekend.

5. How is KMart still open? Seriously. I would like an answer to this.


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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