Enjoying Winter Break

Nothing beats time off in the winter. As a student my whole life, only broken up by 6 years of teaching high school, I have looked forward to winter break just as much as summer vacation. In years past I have taken trips back to see the fam on the East Coast. This year I got that trip out of the way the week during finals week.

The Watts kids. And yes, my booty is that big

With the family trip out of the way, I am left with 4 weeks to play. My vacation thus far has been fabulous. I have slept in everyday because I am up late reading a book of my choosing. I enjoy my mornings of french press coffee and reading the latest news on my research project. Then, I move on to the big events of the day.

Monday I hit up the gym for a full body weight session. Then JWail and I hiked into the woods to cut down our Christmas tree.

Charlie Brown has nothing on this tree

While Josh was busy being a man with his saw, I gathered greens. On Tuesday, after skiing at the local mountain, I made our wreathe for the door.

Ahtsy Fahtsy Wattsy


The plan for today was to snow shoe with Mikaya. But, it is tough to do when you grab everything you need except the snowshoes by the door. Lucky for me, the cross country trails were packed down. So, we got in a 2 hour snow hike.

On tap for tomorrow-I’m taking a solo trip to ski Steamboat. Pure Bliss!


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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