Back in town and ready to rock it on the snow

It’s been a while. Let me back up about two weeks and explain. My Nana passed away three weeks ago and we waited to have the services until all three of us siblings could get back. My issue was finals. And not just written finals, those could be done on a plane or in a Starbucks, but presentations. So, I came back from CO after Thanksgiving, banged out a few papers, a few presentations, and packed my bags to catch a midnight flight to Rhode Island. The week was well spent with family, but stressful as we had to clean out the house that Nana lived in since 1965. Needless to say, it was emotionally and physically draining.

Nothing says RI like lobster

 The 2 weeks in numbers:

1-Run on the beach

1-upper body workout with 10 lb weights

2-4 mile runs

2-x-mas trees. Neither one for me. We are heading out to get ours today.

3 -runs at Mom’s before and after my trip. 5, 5.5, and 8.5 respectively

8-hours spent at Starbucks stealing their internet and writing papers

2-major papers completed and submitted for finals

1-semester of graduate school under my belt

1400-lbs of furniture, dishes, and other heirlooms being shipped from RI to WY

1-lobster rolls consumed

10-clamcakes consumed

3-cupcakes consumed

.5-lb of muscles

4-bowls of white clam chowder

1-hat knitted

15 million-times my brother annoyed me

25 million-times my brother made me laugh

So, I am back in town and back on the wagon. No more cupcakes, eclairs, or lobster rolls for this fatkid. Today J-Wail and I are heading out on the skiis to catch ourselves a X-mas tree. It has been about 6 years since I have had one in my home. In past years I have lived alone and haven’t felt the need to go through the hassle. This year, I am home and have someone to enjoy it with.





Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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