How to burn off your Thanksgiving dinner…

I am sure you think that the answer to this will be to run, bike, ski, hike, or hit the gym. However, I have another suggestion for you. Develop the stomach flu.



I know that it sounds totally anorexic or eating disorderish, however I promise you that I wish I never had to give up all the yummy deliciousness of Thanksgiving in this fashion. I wish I had run 15 miles or went skiing. This is what I used to do on black Friday.



Thanksgiving started with a bang. Mom had the flu too (a different version that did not require hugging porcelain for 8 hours straight), but powered through the Turkey Trot. She jogged 1.5 miles of and we power walked the rest. I gave it my best Richard Simmons, booty shake and arm pump that I could.

Mom doing the turkey trot


Onto breakfast by J-Wail-scrambled eggs and pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. Followed by a soak in the hot tub. Then showers, food prep and on to my Sissys for The Big Meal. It was later that night that I had a sore throat and just felt “off.” We drove home, went straight to bed and didn’t wake up for 10 hrs later. I felt ok in the morning. JWail headed to work and Mom and I headed off to antique shop and had lunch at Chili’s-I know. I should have known right then that I had a date with the porcelain. We finished up lunch and headed to the barn. Mom rode her horse and I went out to run telephone sprints (run the length of two poles, sprint the length of two poles). I got severely nauseous, and well, I am sure you can predict the rest.

I didn't take a pic of being sick, but if I were a baby, here is what I would look like.


The rest of the weekend I lied in repose like a wet noodle on the couch. Not very conducive to putting together two presentations for graduate school. But, nothing you can do. Can’t fight the germ. But, I did make it to yin yoga tonight. Very restorative to most unintended adventuresome long weekend.


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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