When I am gone, goodbye.

Workouts: Yesterday: 2.5 hrs of skinning up and skiing down

Today: Ran 6 miles. 1 hr


The title of my post is a saying that my Nana used to tell us. Today, it came true. One of the most remarkable woman that I have known in my life made her journey into a new world with old faces. Mainly my Grandpa Frank who left us 35 years ago. She never went on a single date after his death stating, “he was the only man for me.” A joker, a lover, a fighter, she was quick with the tongue and slowed down enough to enjoy every moment in life. To my students she was known as “G-Watts.” That was her gangster name and the way to let my students know when they were late to class that there was no excuse, “G-Watts at the age of 90 could make it here faster than you.” Which, isn’t saying much because up until a few weeks ago that woman could run circles around all of us. She flew from Rhode Island to Colorado, not once but twice last year. Her 90th year, no less.

I will miss her, undoubtedly. Yet, her spirit exists here, within me and within this reason for the blog. I want to cherish life, record life, but most of all I want to share my experiences with other so that they may learn as they go too.


Rest my dear Nana, love you always.


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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