Do what feels right for you

Today’s Workout: walk the dog

I know, my workout sounds lame. However, I learned a few things in the past year.

1.Don’t over train. I used to bike and run 6 days a week, no exceptions. But, I found that that did not work well for my body. Obviously, my stress fractures have spoken for that.

I like my rides to be nothing but smiles!

2. I found that by taking two non-consecutive days off a week that my muscles heal much better and as a result, my workouts are much more successful the following days after a break.

4. Stress. Sometimes my workouts take 2+ hours, in addition to showering and getting ready time and when I need to get items accomplished for grad school, taking a day off of working out allows me to focus on that.

4. My foot. Apparently skiing aggravates the screw in there. I skinned up and skiied down on Sunday, then ran quite a bit yesterday. This has left my foot with a unique throbbing.

Josh and Ky skinning up the mountains

5. I am heading down to the Front Range of Colorado for T-Day and would like to get in a 15 mile run tomorrow, which will fit nicely with the 5k turkey trot on Thursday with my mom as recovery. Just like number 2 above, those runs are far more successful mentally and physically if I rest the day before.

Bottom line-even if you are following a training plan, listen to your body. Do what feels right for you. It is easy to read all these blogs, join clubs, and see people who can work out in crazy numbers x amount of days. Don’t compare yourself to others. Only compare yourself to you. Do what feels natural, and not forced.

And of course, these are things that work for me, not everyone.

Happy Tuesday!


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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