New Beginnings

The last time I put my foot into a ski boot, my foot was in two pieces. It was held (and still is) together by a screw. But, it was in two pieces none the less. It was also the second time I had fractured it in 6 months and I had not only sat out the entire winter from running and biking, but I had sat out the ski season as well. The new skis that I purchased two weeks before the first fracture sat in their plastic, staring at me from the corner of my bedroom. I had met J-wail, an avid skier, and at that point was not only tired of sitting on the sidelines, but itching to show him that I was not just all talk.

Needless to say, it was partially successful. Successful enough that he kept me around a little longer. Partially because I am not going to lie, it hurt. I came up with this duct tape contraption that held around the side of my foot where the screw was. If you know anything about skiing, then you know it is a sideway motion and the screw runs the outer length of my foot. So, it hurt.

Fake smiling for the photo-lots of foot pain

Fast forward to this week. I live with a powder hound. For those of you that don’t know what a powder hound is, it is a male person that looks like a puppy dog when it is snowing outside and he can’t go skiing because our mountains don’t get enough snow as those other bigger mountains. I promised him that if he let me do a bunch of grad work on Sunday, that I would take Monday off and go ski. Deal.

So, we skied. And the snow was not fabulous. But, my addict got his fix. And me, well, I gained a new perspective. I had forgotten why I had decided to take a leave of absence from my career. I had forgotten about the stress of my life a mere six months ago that had driven me to take this major step back. To sell my house, rent my apartment, and move to Wyoming. I had done it so that I could have Mondays like this. Quiet solitude on a day when the majority of people were going back to work.

A genuine smile with no foot pain!

We were the only two skiing on that hill that day. Per Wyoming style, it was windy. But no doubt, the day was fabulous! Cheers to November 14, 2011. The first day of my ski season!


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I love hearing from you all!

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